Iconic Rhythm Sections

Drummers and bass players have long since waged a war of jokes against each other.

The Top 10 Drummer Jokes

© Phil Selby 2007

Whilst some of these are undoubtedly funny, we need each other!

Some of the greatest music ever has been created from the foundations of a great rhythm section. It’s important that you study how bass players and drummers interact across a wide variety of styles. Here are a select few to listen to.

Jaco Pastorius + Peter Erskine


Bootsy Collins + Jab’o Starks/Clyde Stubblefield


Flea + Chad Smith


John Paul Jones + John Bonham


Joe Dart + Nate Smith


Tony Levin + Steve Gadd

This post would last for days if I listed all the great bass and drum combos. In fact, I have much more to discover and that is the beauty of listening to different styles of music. I highly recommend listening to different styles of music and analysing how the musicians interact. Then, find an amazing drummer and forge a great union with them!

What’s your favourite rhythm section? Comment below.