Learn The Everybody Dance Bass Guitar Riff (Bernard Edwards – CHIC)

Could this be the greatest bassline of all time? It’s got to be up there… Bernard Edwards was the master of the pop-funk bass hook; his lines integral to Chic, Sister Sledge and the plethora of other acts he played for.

Get In The Groove

The tempo is 129BPM. Use these metronome exercises to get right in the pocket but start off just familiarising yourself with the techniques and the line. Download the drumbeat to practice to below.

His technique on this song is highly unusual as he plays as if using an invisible plectrum. I worked out the notes for this by studying the original record plus this video.

Playing as many basslines as you can in different styles is great for your development. Find loads more here. Want me to make a video of your favourite bassline? Get in touch.