Bass Guitar Scales: How To Learn And Use Them

Bass guitar scales are easier to learn than you think. If you know that a scale is simply a collection of notes with a specific pattern then you can map that pattern out on the fretboard and memorise it easily. This video lesson explains how to do that with the major, natural minor, diminished, whole tone and super locrian scale. Even the scary-named scales become easy to learn with this method!

Here are some formulas and shapes for four scales. This is all explained and demonstrated in the video.

Bass guitar Scales

Major Scale

The Major Scale - formula for bass guitar


The Natural Minor Scale

The Natural Minor Scale - formula for bass guitar


The Diminished Scale

The Diminished Scale - formula for bass guitar


The Whole Tone Scale

The Whole Tone Scale - formula for bass guitar

Download the PDF with the Scale Formulas

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