Bass Guitar Lesson – Fingerstyle (chords, fills, bass lines)

Players like Dominique DiPiazza, Matthew Garrison, and Hadrien Feraud have taken fingerstyle bass guitar technique to different levels. Fingerstyle can be used in all sorts of ways and this lesson highlights a few of the more straight-ahead styles. Used to play songs, fills, and lines, this technique is a great one to incorporate into your playing. There is a PDF with many chords from E major that you can use in your practice. Scroll down to view those chords if you don’t need the PDF.

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Chords and Shapes from E Major

This lesson focuses on E major but you can use any key you like. Here are some shapes that sound great.

Root Note On The A String





























Root Note On The A String – 10ths

The notes to play are connected by the dotted line. Tenths sound great on the bass.

Tenths on Bass Guitar


Root Note On The A String – 7th Chords

E Major Seventh Chords Bass Guitar

Sus2 Shapes

The below shape also works on F#, A and B.

Sus2 Chords On Bass Guitar

The fingerstyle technique is a fantastic thing to learn for any bass player. The more techniques you know the better, as you can express yourself in more ways.