5 Examples Of Different Feels On The Bass Guitar

The very best way to learn is to listen to the greats and learn to play their bass lines. To get you used to what ‘different feels’ actually means here are a few examples with some further listening for each style.


8th Note Rock

Check out: Basket Case – Green Day, Rolling In the Deep – Adele (not rock but definitely 8th note feel).

16th Note Funk

Check out: Come On, Come Over – Jaco Pastorius, What Is Hip? – Tower Of Power.

Swing Jazz

Check out: So What – Miles Davis, All Of Me – Michael Bublé.

12 Bar Blues Shuffle

Check out: Texas Flood – Stevie Ray Vaughan, Stumble – Freddie King.

6/8 Pop

Check out: Be Ever Wonderful – Earth, Wind and Fire, Norwegian Wood – The Beatles.



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