How To Play Fast On The Bass Guitar

Everyone wants to play fast right? Most students approach building speed the wrong way. This video lesson shows you a tried and tested process that you can use right now to build not only speed but also, strength, accuracy, and stamina.

Playing fast is all about building up from a solid foundation. Make sure you check out these technique lessons and practice tips.

  • It’d be quite helpful if you could breakdown the single notes played so one could decrypt the riff.Maybe I’m slow on the uptake but it’d help if you said the notes as they’re played slow while saying when to perform the hammer ons and ghost notes,palm mutes ect.

    • Noted. The main point is to take any passage you are working on and apply this same process. I often write TAB out for these lessons but didn’t for this. If I have time, I’ll add it to this post but if not, try and rewind the bit where I explain it. This is a hard lick to be fair!