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Free Bass Guitar Courses

There are 7 topics covered: Fretboard Knowledge, Groove, Mindset, Reading, Technique, Theory and Tunes. You get 20 free video lessons with accompanying backing tracks and PDFs. The courses are aimed at the beginner to intermediate player but contain info a more advanced player may be interested in (e.g. how to make music using the 7 arpeggios of a major scale). Just register for the course you’re interested in and start improving straight away!

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Free 29 Page Bass Guitar Ebook

There’s plenty here to get you playing straight away. This downloadable ebook contains visual guides for the notes on the bass fretboard; the harmonic notes on the fretboard; octave patterns; major, minor pentatonic and natural minor scales; one octave major scale modes; the 7 arpeggios from C major and harmonic chord charts. There are 12 video lessons to go with this and loads of tips on how to actually use this stuff to make music because, well, that’s the whole point!

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Using drones in your practice is a fantastic way to train your ear to hear the sounds and colours of different scales. It’s a really fun way to come up with all kinds of ideas and just improvise to your heart’s content. There’s a video here explaining what I mean with plenty of ideas for you plus 12 drones for the 12 different notes in music so you can play in all keys.

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