• Tunes Free Course

    This is a free course for beginner to intermediate players. The main reason we play bass is to play cool music! So here are 2 lessons: Famous Songs (9 famous riffs) and 12 Bar Blues in A. The blues is something every bass player should know and this lesson will outline the form for you as well as some handy patterns to start making your own bass lines up.

  • Theory Free Course

    Knowing some basic theory will change the way you approach music. This free course is for beginners to intermediate players (and advanced who need to brush up…) and contains 2 very important lessons: The Minor Pentatonic Scale and The 7 Arpeggios From C Major. I’ll show you the patters and how to use this stuff. This course does NOT dig deep into the theory. It’s a great introduction into why you need to know this stuff. There are 3 PDFs so you can memorise the patterns and make some of your own bass lines up. Contains 6 backing tracks and 5 WAVs (for you to add to your DAW to loop for practice).

  • Technique Free Course

    This is a free beginner’s course teaching the basics of finger style technique. I take you slowly through a checklist of things to look out for when getting this essential technique down. There are 3 lessons: Left And Right Hand Checklist, Single String Exercise and Slap Exercise and 3 accompanying PDFs.

  • Reading Music Free Course

    This is a free course for anyone looking for a comprehensive guide to the basics of reading music. Reading music is not difficult as long as you have a clear understanding of the basics. Here you have one module broken down into a few lessons explaining all the important things you need to know. There are 2 PDFs containing examples – one with TAB, one without (the challenging one!).

  • Mindset Free Course

    There are 3 lessons in this short beginner’s course: 12 Really Useful Practice Tips, 3 Things to Prioritise and What I Take To A Gig. This will give you some focus in what the best things for you to practice are and why. I’ll then show you some things I take to most gigs.

  • Groove Free Course

    There are 2 lessons in this free beginner to intermediate course: 5 Examples of Different Feels and Using a Metronome. There are some tricky bass lines which I take you through – a Rock, Funk, Jazz, Blues and Pop line. Then I’ll show you a crucial time keeping skill: using a metronome. There are some difficult exercises in that lesson!