Get Lucky Bass Guitar Mini Cover & Tutorial

Nathan East recorded this with a 5 string bass but in this video lesson, I teach you the basic groove on a 4 string. It’s a good one to learn because it’s the same four chords over and over again.

This song uses a iv VI i VII chord progression in the key of F# natural minor (Bm, D, F#m, E). I explain that in the video but what it means is that the notes of the F# natural minor scale fit over all the chords in this song.

That is the secret to improvising when playing a song. You can also create basslines with ease if you know this.

For more basslines head over here.

  • Dan,your playing over the backing track is smoking!This is a good groove that once again you’ve kept simple and put in terms that give us the confidence to accomplish the lesson.I’m going to work on it because as you notes one can apply this to other things.You keep teaching this old dog new tricks!

    • Thanks, Kev. Appreciate the nice words. Once you get the hang of this approach it really does work well. You then need to apply taste, timing and all those things but learning the bass requires all these skills!