Hello and welcome. I’m Dan Hawkins and I run the Online Bass Courses site.

Do you ever find yourself asking any of these questions?

  • “What exactly do I need to learn to become a better player?”
  •  “Do I need a 5 string bass?”
  • “How much and what gear do I need to start rehearsing or gigging?”
  • “What is a mode and what possible use is it to me??”
  • “How do I play like my favourite player?”
  • “How do I learn to read enough music to get by on a gig or to learn from a book?”

If so then you are in the right place… There are many proven tips and tricks to improve your skills. Whether you are a complete beginner or more advanced you’re probably in a hurry to get better so that you can play in a band, compose and record music, play your favourite bass lines or hold down a pro gig.

My passion is imparting the knowledge I have gained through thousands of hours of playing with musicians as well as rehearsing, composing, recording and studying great players. I’ve experienced many failures and made plenty of mistakes along the way but that’s all part of it.

Subscribe to Online Bass Courses and I will give you my years of experience in the form of tactical and practical pro tips, methods, mindsets as well as the common mistakes to avoid. My aim is to help musicians who want to play in bands, record the bass or simply improve their knowledge and skills on the instrument.

About Dan

There is a Dan Hawkins who plays guitar for The Darkness. I am not him, despite twice receiving – and returning – his royalty payments.


I’ve been playing the bass guitar for over 25 years, 14 of them as a full time professional. My career has been extremely varied and I have played many types of gigs from sticky floored pubs with local bands to big arenas alongside well known names.

Sometimes you have to dress up as Santa to pay the bills
With Katie Melua at Buckingham Palace

I’ve played in the West End in London which requires the ability to read music and I’ve played gigs where you literally play a tune on the spot that the piano player has just called, and you try to hang on as best you can!

A big part of my work now is recording bass guitar and double bass for musicians around the world via my online session service www.onlinebassplayer.com. I’ve played on TV, film, jingles, EPs, demos, albums and my bass playing can be heard in the visitor centre of the Frey chocolate factory in Switzerland. Who knew?

Some TV shows my bass playing (recorded remotely from my home studio) has appeared on

Teaching has been a constant alongside my playing career and I value both equally. The result is a teaching style that is based heavily on what works in the studio or on the stage. I’ve spent most of my life playing and studying bass guitar and I’m only interested in showing you the stuff that works.


Teaching philosophy

What I love about teaching is being able to explain a musical idea clearly enough so that someone who previously thought it was difficult can use it to make music. Everything I teach is based on 7 important musical areas – technique, fretboard knowledge, theory, reading, mindset, groove and tunes (expanding your repertoire). There are many more topics to be found within these subjects and I believe that if you improve your knowledge in these areas (even just a little bit) you will get fantastic results. It’s all about building a solid foundation from which you can blossom. You’ll find tons of free bass guitar lessons in my blog aimed at the practical tools, mindsets and tactics you can use to become an awesome bass player. It’s an approach that will work on how you think about music as well as what you learn.

“I will show you what you need to know to become a musician who is able to think for yourself. I want you to learn how to improve fast ”.


Bass Guitar Skills

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This blog is new and I want your input! Let me know what you want me to write about or make a video lesson on. If there is something you are struggling with in your music and bass playing, get in contact and let me know.